Thursday, February 17, 2011

Morning pond hopping

Now that we are having longer days, I am able to get out and wet a line before work. I think I will explore little potholes around the metro area and see what I can come up with.
Monday had me out on a small pond near the airport in Richfield. I have to travel light because I need the space in my pickup for work. just two rods, a folding ice auger, and my A-rest chair is all I had.
I got going a bit late and only had a half hour to fish. I found some holes froze over with only a inch that were easy to open up. I dropped a gold jig and nuggie, and dropped, and dropped. it was over 30 ft deep!
Now I was wishing I had my flasher! I worked the bottom 10 ft of water in a couple of holes without so much as a twitch of a bite in my line.
I cut a few holes towards shore, and worked my way shallower. my last holes were near shore, and it was still 12 ft! No bites and time was running out! I grabbed my other rod with the indicator and a 2 mm jig, baited it with a half a waxworm in hopes of at least a small one to dodge the skunk. then work called, they had a rush run I had to go like, now!
Looked like the skunk got me, but i looked at my rod and the indicator was straight down. must be a tangle I thought. but as I pulled in I felt something wriggling, yes, a fish! whoohooo! still no skunk for my yet this winter!
More pond hopping reports to come next week!

Rods locked and loaded!

Mighty perch, came to save my day!

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John said...

I'm envious, wish I could get in a half hour every day before work.