Monday, July 28, 2008

BWCA trip day 1

We had a great trip in the BWCA last week! I took so many pics I decided to blog them in 4 days!
Day one was the best for some great pics!Enjoy! :)

Cruising up in the sane lane :)

At the landing on Kawishiwi Lake

time to go

on the water

first portage rocky but short

The sky really put on a show on Kawasachong Lake


chucker said...

great pics mn! LONG TIME SINCE I WENT DOWN THE KIWI. LIKE 1990 OR SO . thanks for the spark again !! chucker

ck said...

I just love your blog MT.
Your bud

Michael Thompson said...

Thanks for the kind words guys! more pics coming! :)

Terry said...

Isn't that contrast on the first day great? I love it that you started the pics with one from a car and as you progressed they got more and more peaceful.

'Sane Lane' is such a relative term, isn't it? in urban parlance it is a refuge away from the pressures of the more heavily traveled commuter traffic lanes... Not much of a refuge at all when compared to Kawasachong lake - That was the REAL sane lane! A place to go to get all of that noise out of your head and regather your wits.

Glad to see you got a whole week up there - Anything less just teases you.

Good post, looking forward to the rest!

Cathy said...

MT--wonderful pictures again as always.. GGM!!

Michael Thompson said...

Well said Terry!

Thanks for the kind word Cathy