Friday, July 11, 2008

Mississippi pics minneapolis

Me and Jack hit the river july fourth, going up through Lock and Dam #1. We did alot of fishing around various bridge bases getting lots of crappies and a few bass.
Then I talked him into going for a ride up to the st. anthony falls lock and dam so I could get a few pics.

Waiting to get through lock #1

Motorboat waiting to lock through at St Anthony.

Huge barge making a u-turn

big time bridge construction

?? some kind of work boat

lake st. bridge

ford bridge

big ol snapper

One of many crappies on the MT jig:)

Going back down


BWS said...

That looked like a great trip and lots of neat things to see along the way...always looking forward to your adventures as you do take many different trips...

Michael Thompson said...

Yes, i am blessed by lots of trips! thanks for stopping by BWS!