Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 4-5

We were going to stay for 6 days, but A big ol bear came into the camp and ate all the food while we were out fishing!
Some of the guys went back to try to scare it away, but it was acting really agressive, so we gave up and let him chow down while we backed up and headed for a new campsite.
I wish I could have seen all the action and got some pics, this thing was HUGE, I saw its head through the trees later ...

Another perfect morning

A looney friend. This was the only loon on the trip we saw, kind of weird not hearing loons up there all week. we did hear some wolves howl though.
this loon actually helped us find walleyes. we kept seeing him catch minnows out on a rocky reef. we went and cast where the minnows were and got lots of walleyes!

At the new campsite after escaping the hungry bear, now we are hungry bears hoping for another walleye dinner!

the fish did not let us down!

The last Morning! Dave woke me up early so I could see a great sunrise, here is the view from my tent!

I went outside and took more pics as the sunrise continued, got bit by skeeters, but it was worth it!

Back to the landing

the motley crew!

I want to thank the LORD GOD for the opportunity to enjoy his creation on this trip!
Thanks to all who came and made this trip grreat
Thanks to Wayne, our guide who took us back to this wonderful place!
I am already looking forward to next year!



Anonymous said...

Thanks MT, this has been a great series. Loaded with good photos throughout, but those sunrise photos were the real money shots of your trip.

Sorry to hear about the bear troubles. You live and you learn...

Michael Thompson said...

Yes, I was thankful Dave woke me up for that! I would have slept right through it!
I dont mind the bear issue myself, just one more demension to the wilderness experience!
It would have been quite a buzzkill if it happened on the first day though! :o