Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fishers of men club outing

I was suppose to fish with Dave Maas, the bass pundit But he was not feeling well and decided hed better stay home, so I was invited to fish with another club member Gary Ellis. I had a good time, Gary is a good angler and has a really nice boat too, but just getting to know him a bit was the best part. we had interesting discussions ranging from upcoming fishing trips to Cancer.
It really was a blessing to get to fish with him today!
As for the fishing, it was ok, I got no pike or muskies, pulled in a few ok sized largemouth bass on atopwater snagproof frog, Gary got the nice 30 inch pike on a spinnerbait.

First fish of the day

Nice pike Gary!

these ducks had more colors than the pics show, I really want to get a camera with a telephoto lense someday! :)


Anonymous said...

How many people showed up? Was there no tournament? If there was a tournament, who won?


Michael Thompson said...

7 people, Gary won with 3 pike and two bass.