Sunday, January 11, 2009

Metro panfish outing

Me and Jack hit a small metro lake for some panfish action. we got lots of good eating sized crappies and a few bluegills. They were at around 15 ft down in 20 feet.
I got mine on a fatboy jig with maggots, I think Jack got his on a ratso jig. It was nice to get out in the sun with no wind!


Basspastor said...

Mike hear is a website I think you and Jack might like:

I asked Mike Cummins to send me some Sportshow pictures but I haven't heard from him yet.

Michael Thompson said...

I like it! thanks!

I got my pics up at FOM

Anonymous said...

Mt bucket,
How's Charlie,
never mind,
Here's a job op.
note, $15 an inch!!!!!
Your a better artist than this guy!
Your talent will make you rich someday.
Just keep draw'n

Michael Thompson said...

OK I will paint them if you sell them fishface! haha
I aint quitting my day job to be a starving artist!
I believe I could do warmwater fish as good or better, but his trout pics are pretty awsome!

Anonymous said...

MT The picture that we like is the 6th one down of the close up of the crappie scales and the fin.
Thanks for your help.