Friday, January 9, 2009

Too Dark? take the first MT bucket poll!

Bass Pundit has let me know that some of my pics on my last post were so in need of brightening that they are "pretty much lousy", so I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a fun little vote to see what others think, so please post your comments on which one you think looks best.

Here is the pic he gave as an example, a bit dark probably, but i thought was ok.

Here are three alternatives you can vote for if you prefer one of these to the original, or you can give it a shot and send me your version which I will post on the bucket!
1. Here is BPs attempt. better lighting for sure, but it looks like it was taken with a foggy lense!

Here are a couple of my attempts


Thanks for your comments! vote 0 for the original, or 1, 2, or 3 for the others, or make your own up. its all for fun though! best fishes!



Basspastor said...

3 or 1 doesn't make that big of a difference, these two are by far superior.

BWS said...

I would go with number 3 as number 1 is good but a tad dark, would like to see more of the colors of the fish

Basspastor said...

My Dad picked 1 and my mom picked 3. No assistance from me.

Michael Thompson said...

1 vote for 1.
3 for 3.
thanks for your votes. lets see some more!

Anonymous said...

1 looks bit too dark, and 3 looks kinda odd... Like that fish is made of glass. Best pic would be something between 1 and 3.

-Pike fisher from Finland-

Michael Thompson said...

looks like we have a winner, #3thanks for your votes!

Anonymous said...

Number 3 is by far the superior photo. The fish should look like glass as it just came out of the water. Post some pictures from your Minnetonka 1/24 GTG.

Shouldbfishin said...

I will go 3.

Michael Thompson said...

SBF, you bandwagon jumper you! hehehe

3 wins by a landslide!