Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snowstorm sunfish

We had our annual up north ice fishing outing this weekend, We were going to fish a few different lakes looking for the biggest panfish. lots of snow and temps down to 30 below had us change our plans and we stayed at the lake were we were staying on and fished for sunfish the whole time.
It was hard to get around without snowmobiles, it was so deep, and the slush was bad, but we still found lots of nice sunfish mostly in 16 ft. We used small jigs tipped with maggots, or plastics, gulp!waxies worked well too.

first fish for me

big huge sunfish!

Casey with a big mule

Jack scores with this nice bull bluegill

snow kept covering my flasher, but it didnt stop me from getting some nice panfish

Cory with a whale!

more good ones


Basspastor said...

Man you need to get some photo editing software and brighten up pictures that are dark. It works like magic and makes the pictures look so much better.

I bet those dudes tasted good.

Basspastor said...

I have now blogged about your too dark pictures.

Michael Thompson said...

Sorry BP, I like them better in their natural light, using the brightner in my photo editor on darker pics makes them look milky.
Thanks for the suggestion though!

CrazyOutdoorsmen said...

found your blog after Don Lincoln mentioned you in a journal on www.CrazyOutdoorsmen.com. Nice blog.

Michael Thompson said...

Thanks for your comment crazyoutdoorsmen, come again soon!


Basspastor said...


You don't have to use the photo editor on every picture just the one's were it is to dark to see details. There are 4 pictures in this post that would be better brightened up because the pics as they are now are frankly pretty much lousy.

Michael Thompson said...

I will try some stuff with that first pic and see how it looks this evening, i don't like how it turned out on the BP blog though, thanks for trying though. see you at the trout pond this weekend?