Monday, June 22, 2009

Bluegills,Crappies ,and walleyes with CK

I drove up to palisade to chase some big bluegills with CK
I got there expecting to see CKs duckboat ready to go, only to find a nice fully rigged fishing boat that his friend steve "Mallard" left for him to use.
I was a bit concerned about pulling it with my little ranger 4 cylinder pickup, but it did just fine on those lightly traveled roads! i even got 32 miles per gallon over around 25 miles of towing that thing!
We got to the first lake and tried a spot where CK got into them last week. the fish were there, starting to bed in the emerging wild rice . they were quite skittish and would not come out to bite unless you threw it right in the stuff.
We got as many as we could on Cks jigs, and also a black and yellow JRs stub grub worked well. i was wishing we had some small leeches, I think we could have extracted some of the bigger fish from deep in the grass with them.
we moved up and down the shore and found a few more pods of them.
We also worked some floating docks where CK pulled in a few slabs on the jig, but it was still a bit early for that bite.
Then there was a disturbance in "the force'! that would be Mallards outboard.
CK worked on it for a while in the hot sun while i teased him and watched the geese. he got it figured out and we headed in for a steak dinner.
Afterwards we hit a small lake stocked with lots of walleyes.
We ancored on a break for a while and caught some on bobbers and fatheads until the bugs invited themselves to our boat for dinner!
we got out of there and did some trolling after dark with 1/4 oz leadheads tipped with a plastic swim shad. We got some more doing that and i got the big one of the night, around 3 pounds, CK also tagged a nice pike that I gave to my Dad for fathers day, he loves pike!
Another great day of fishing is in the books!

love those big gills!

Hookin' up the boat!

pretty gills!

Very interesting colored gill!

They havn't spawned yet

night bite walleyes


Basspastor said...

I don't see any bass in those pictures.

Basspastor said...

Oh yeah, from the looks of it Rush pretty much stunk. About half the guys didn't catch a thing.

Michael Thompson said...

Changed it to walleye. I didnt catch any bass or pike worthy of a picture. Not surprised about rush...