Monday, June 15, 2009

Fly fishing in SE MN

Me and fishface mcFly decided to hit some trout action sunday afternoon. I started out catching everything but the fish, but soon was into a leaping rainbow trout.
We just kept working our way upstream until we found the deeper holes were the fish were feeding. We got lots of fish, no huge ones, but some around 14 inches. They all put a good bent in a 3 weight rod though! Color is what matters to me for trout and they didn't disapoint, with colds, red, silver and every other color, they were great! i got most of my fish on a beadhead pheasanttail. Black spiders and elkhair caddisflies also got some action.

MT with fish

great colored fish!



Jeff said...

Panfish, Bass and Trout, is there nothing you can catch. Looks like a great time keep up the good work.


Michael Thompson said...

as long as it has fins I can catch it!
well, I havn't got me a mermaid yet though...

Casey said...

Those are beautiful fish Mike, you look pretty good with stogie hangin' out of your mouth too! Casey