Monday, June 8, 2009

Fishing Saturday with Casey

Casey had a Saturday off to celebrate his birthday, so we went fishin!
We started out at Pelican lake since it was kind of nasty weather and as we guessed, the crowds were not there, only 6 other trailers at the landing. We started by crossing the lake to get out of the wind. we went to the inside of the curly leaf pondweed where we found some hard bottom with rocks and found some nice sunfish there willing to bite a stubgrub. we got a few bass, nothing really big, also a few smaller crappies.
We decided to try another shore for big bass or pike. nothing much was biting. later we decided we had enough and went back to get more bluegill action. unfortunatly we got turned around and ended up running all over looking for our spot. the little gas tank on caseys skiff started getting low, so we decided to head back to the landing! Good thing Casey marked that on his GPS, or we might still be out there!hehe.
After we filled up we headed over to rock lake for some bassin.
The lake was a bit murky and had sparse weedbeds. we found some calm water with a few overhanging trees.
I was expressing my lack of confidence in our lake selection when I saw my line going sideways! It turns out a bass around 4 pounds sucked in my cabelas agua glow hoochie koochie swim shad!
It got away right at the boat, but at least my confidence was up that a few larrys were in the shallows that wanted to play.
I got no more lunkers, but some good rodbenders from 12 to 16 inches all on the swim shad. Casey threw a chatter bait and nails a couple of bass, and a pike around five pounds for big fish of the day.

Casey battles big pike


This is my favorite fish of the day, a pumpkingill ( pumpkinseed bluegill cross) that had some of the most firey coloring I have ever seen! Unfortunatly, by the time I got my camera out, it had darkened considerably. I tried to brighten it up with my photo editor but the pics just don't do it justice. still a stunning fish though!

we got lots of nice sized gills

A couple of greenbacks

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