Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A short detour

I had a big drive up to bagley MN to deliver some parts to a factory up there, and decided to drive by some lakes on the way back to find the bass pundit himself fishing from the shores of lake millelacs. We were just shooting the bull for a while and he was throwing a frenzy popper and just said the water was too cold for topwater when all of a sudden his popper disapeard in a swirl and the fight was on, he gets a bass over 4 pounds! am I good luck or what? he had an extra rod with one of my favorite baits, a zoom fluke plastic jerkbait. Only it was bubblegum pink!
he assured me that he got some fish on it earlier, so i gave it a whirl. one nibble from a curious rockbass, I think all the other fish died laughing, so i got skunked. But it was good to meet Dave and enjoy a nice sunset too.

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Casey said...

We'll find out if you are good luck or not come saturday!