Thursday, March 11, 2010

clearwater UPL action

The ultimate panfish league had its last event saturday, and it was a good one. we found some good fish in one small area near the landing that were willing to bite. we had a couple of other areas to hit too, we thought our first spot was too small to produce enough fish, our plan was to get as many as we could and then move. we never had to though, we got our limit of good fish there. Jack iced a big slab that went 1.4# ! After the contest we spent the rest of the day out there and I got a few pics of some of the action sunday evening as well. The fish were all shallow around 9 to 10 ft mostly. small jigs with plastic or gulp! got most of them.

Ultimate Panfish league results

Nice slab

Lots of pesky bass were chasing our pannies around, we must have caught ten at least!

Lots of bluegills, but most were on the small side

Some of our slabs, including Jacks big Mule!


Casey Nygren said...

1st place again. Looks like you and Jack slayed 'em at the UPL....nice pics too man. You look really skinny!

Shouldbfishin said...

Hey MT eat a sandwich will ya! You look anorexic!

Esox Fever said...

Congratulations for that 1st place, beutifull pics and catches.

Basspastor said...

Are you fishing Crappie Keith's deal on Saturday. If so I would have some interest in possibly tagging along.

Give me a call if you are.