Monday, March 1, 2010

the late ice bite is starting

I found active panfish sunday on some north metro lakes in 9 to twelve foot of water, the sunfish were coming up off the bottom and the crappie were around 3 to 4 ft up. I got the crappies on a northland forage minnow spoon tipped with a gulp! alive minnow head. The sunfish were on a red gill getter and gulp! alive fishfry. I also landed some pretty good bass, but didn't have my camera at the time.






Jeff said...

The colors are amazing on those fish great job. I normally view this when I am at work so you realy pick me up when I see you pictures, I really likethe black and white shot.

Esox Fiver said...

Amazing pictures!!!

May I ask you what is that thing you are showing in your 7th picture?

Very nice blog, here you have a new follower.

Michael Thompson said...

thanks! that is a sonar with a gps and rod holders