Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More late ice action 3-13

I headed out on Saturday with Jack and Casey or some panfish chasin' We found lots of fish on our UPL spot shallow, but they were tight lipped for sure, suprising for this late in the season. 2 and three weeks ago they were hammering spoons with gulp minnow heads, now the only way I could get them was with a tiny 1/80 th oz jig and the smalled plastic tails I had. I managed to ice some nice crappies before the bass and smaller gills moved in and took over, 10 ft deep with fish one to 2 ft off the bottom.
We moved out to deeper water and found lots of specs still stacked up in deep water, from 28 to 40 ft down in 50 ft! Same bite here, they were reluctant to take bigger baits but wanted to hit a tiny jig, needed a splitshot to get it down, and they were biting very light too, couldn't even detect a bite on my noodlerod, went to my st croix with the lite strike indicator, and that did the job just fine. Jack used a TB spring and did well too.
Ice was suprisingly thick and the accesses were still good, we could still drive all over, but I am sure that is over now.

Nice pounder

plenty of bass were in the mood for small jigs too, every time I hooked one it felt like a 2 pound crappie, til i got it near the hole!

"pumkin-gill" hybrid sunfish

More largemouths

Some of the crappies got bugeyed after pulling from the depths, once we got all we wanted to keep we had to call it a day.


MNAngler said...

Wow. Amazing you were brave enough to take a vehicle out on the ice. It hasn't looked safe for about a week now. I saw open water on the shore of a local lake yesterday.

Rich said...

Them laregemouth bass pics got me in the mood!!!

Eso Fever said...

Nice report and picturas as always!!!

As MNAngler said you have a pair of balls, that ice doesn´t look very thick.

But there are no doubts that you know what you do.

Thank you for sharing.

Michael Thompson said...

No way! I am chicken!!! that is jacks vehicle, mine stayed safely on dry ground :-D
thanks for the comments all!

Jeff said...

Nice fishing looks cold nut I bet the fish made up for that.