Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ice season closer a crappie frenzy!

This weekend I was chasin slabs again up in the Alex area, the bite was up shallow , I could see the inside weedline through the ice and drilled a bunch of holes along the edge. The fish were right umder the ice and willing to bite plastics. I tried larger power minnows and tubes but they would not take them so I downsized to a 2 mm fiskas with a glow nuggie, and that worked well. Some did ok with waxies, but they had many small bluegills to contend with. Me and Jack ended up getting over 100 crappies and 'gills.

Doing the crappie dance:

Here is the line of holes I drilled that goes out for quite a ways. The fish were so shallow, you can see no one was using flashers since you could look down and see what is biting.

More slabs and 'gills

A few for the pan


MNAngler said...

I can't believe you were still on the ice this weekend, even in Alex.

I went by a metro lake at 3pm Sunday where 70% of the lake was still covered with ice. When I drove by it again an hour and a half later, half the ice was gone. It's amazing how fast the ice can disappear this time of year.

Great looking fish. Love the "Holes" poster.

Basspastor said...

Mike- I have been slowly comming to the conclusion that something wasn't quite right with my mom's HP computer monitor. Finally I got a clue and went out and got my old Gateway monitor that was in the pole barn. Low and behold the world definitely should have looked a whole lot brighter. I think the shading on that HP was the big reason I thought some of your pics weren't any good. I can literally see things I could not see at all before because they were too dark. Your photo's look much better now.