Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rush lake Pike!

I was out on Rush lake looking for crappies, but catching bluegills and pike.
The first two pike I was able to get them to drop the hook, but this one would not let go, it was solidly hooked in the tip of the lip with my last 4 mm gold tipped with a pumpkin pepper little atom nuggie.
I decided I wanted my jig back so the fight was on! He first made some hard runs, I just let go of the handle and used my fingers on the edge of the spool to slow him down. then it slowly came towards me, trying different moves to snap my line, but gave him enough slack to keep the 2# stren intact, and soon it was over! I don't know why a big ol pike would bite a panfish nuggie, but they do! Got a few pics and sent him back to his buddies. I dont think he told them how he got whooped by a 9 dollar rod, 6 dollar reel, and 2# line haha!

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John said...

Well done Michael! I'm happy catching panfish but pike, I like!