Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally got out in the float tube!

I was a late starter this year, like two months late! It was worth the wait though as I caught lots of fish. Started out fishing around the docks for some crappie, they bit pretty good, though they were runing kind of small. I went out deeper to see if they would be bigger, they were smaller.
I decided to kick my way to the second set of docks and on the way out I dragged a small jig with a power minnow. Wasn't to long when i hooked into a heavey fish, it pulled hard on my mico rod and 4 # line, I thought it was a carp, turned out to be a huge walleye, over 4 pounds! Got some pics and turned it loose. Threw the plastic minnow out again and started looking at my new pics, when the rod tip started going down, set into another huge walter, mabye 4 pounds too! Snapped some photos and release, soon I was into another one, this one really pulled hard and had me going in circles, but it turned out to be a smaller eye, around 2 pounds, had to take him for dinner.

some crappie action

baby bucketmouth

Nice surprise

almost 25 inches?

my what big teeth you have walter dear!


see ya next time!

come on, smile wally!

Time to rest

One for the pan