Monday, May 26, 2008

Tubing part two, looking for lunker walleyes

I decided to head out to Waconia Saturday afternoon becuase I was almost there anyways and did good Wednseday. I started working the docks at the marinas for some crappies with a two inch power minnow. they were biting well, but were quite small, but I was able to sort out enough to bag a couple of meals. towards evening I started heading out onto the flat area where i got the walleyes Wed. night, it started slow with no bites at first. around sunset ben came out in his tube and tried a fuzzy grub tipped with a leech and soon got a walleye around a foot long.
I decided to try my new Gulp! minnows, they come in their own little pail and look pretty real too. I soon was into a good eating sized walter,a chunky 15 incher, but released it because of the minimum 16 inch size limit on the lake.
Soon afterwards I hooked into a hard fighting fish that I thought for sure would be a huge wallygator, it turned out to be a big drum.
Ben then nailed a big drum too.
It was getting dark and we started working our way in when I got a goot bite. I set into a heavy fish that pulled good! During the battle she pulled me around in circles as I did my best to keep it from tangling the line around my feet! I thought mabye it would be a huge drum, but when it finally came up I could see the glowing eyes, it was a monster humongous walleye! it was 26.5 inches long but had to weight between 7 and 8 pounds, it was so big and piggy!
What an awsome fish, my biggest yet from a float tube.
Ben snapped a few pics for me and we turned her loose to catch again next spring.
We started seeing some lightning in the west, so we headed to shore, as we were coming to the landing I stuck another eye on the Gulp minnow, a good 18 incher. I gave it to Ben, since I already had some crappies. Wow, what a day, and I was only half done!
Tomorrow night on the Bucket, I will post my reoprts for part 3 and 4, with some bassin' action!

Typical Waconia eating sized crappie

first eye of the night

My first big fish of the night, a freshwater drum

The whale! it barely fit in the net!


See ya next year!


looks like a keeper!


Mike Walleye said...

Nice walleye catch!

Great to see some catch and relaese!

Michael Thompson said...

thanks mike!
good looking walleye blog you have!