Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fishing with bass putz

I stopped by the BP shore fishing spot that has been producing a few good pike and walleyes in the evenings sunday evening on the way home, and sure enough, there he was. We chatted for a bit and he caught a couple of sewer trout on a ugly green jig. I figured I would show him how to get a pike or two, so I went up to the car and got a rod rigged up with a steel leader and a leadhead tipped with a flashy plastic shiner. However all I could get to bite was sewer trout! Fortunatly I could get most of them off by reeling them up to the surface and then giving them slack when they jumped, but I still had to touch a few of the stinky things though.
No pike though, BP missed a good pike on his LOST JIG though.
He also caught this huge bucketmouth pushing 5 pounds!


Basspastor said...

I caught another Toad that was as big on that ugly jig again tonight. No toothy bullheads though.

Casey Nygren said...

Hey mike, Could you give me a call on my home phone. 763-404-0891 My cell might be dead! I have some AWESOME video of schools of big crappies spawning. Really cool stuff, but I can't figure out how to post the vids. Thanks Casey