Monday, May 26, 2008

Float tube Marathon, 2 days 4lakes! (part one)

I met Ben Newton at his house early Saturday to try a lake he found near by that has some good pike and bass. it was kind of hard to get into, we had to drop the tubes and park a few blocks away, then had to walk through the woods on a narrow trail with thorn filled trees everywhere, not good for tubes! When we got there there were a couple of guys wading and getting some pike on suckers under a bobber, a good sign!
Ben got out first and it was pretty windy, he started drifting down the shore, I finally get out and he is pretty far down when he gets the first fish, a chunky 2 pound bass.
I started looking for pike, but nothing was doing, tried plastics and spinnerbaits, no takers.
We got tired of the wind and decided to kick over to the calm shores, I trolled and cast my way over but still no pike.
When we got into calmer waters it was looking like good largemouth waters, so I gave up on the northerns and put a bass magic swimshad on a weighted keeper hook and started pitching it up in the shallow cover and promptly hooked into a pike around 2 pounds. it shook itself off before I could get my hand on it.
Soon I got another eating sized pike and gave it to Ben to put on his rope.
We came up to a channel without much action, I missed a hard strike, but didnt see it, then I cut acroose the channel to fish a point with cattails the wind was blowing onto and hooked into a huge bass on the shad, I fought it for about 15 seconds befor it jumped and shook off the hook.
I caught one dinky bass as well, Ben wasn't having to much action, and we were getting hungry, so we went to his house, and filleted the bones out of the pike, then he showed me how to cook it on the grill on tinfoil with butter, Mmmmmmm.
I soon hit the road for round 2 while he had to get some things done first. part 2 next!

Ben gets the 1st fish

eating sized pike

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