Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tough bite this morning

I got up early for some bassin' and the weather looked perfect! I started at auburn lake where I did well last year at this time. I started working the shore cover with a fluke, there was lots of wood cover and the water was high, usually a good combo, but nothing was going at all in the shallows.
I ties out on the outside weedline, nothing, over the tops of the grass on the flats, nothing. Hmmm.
Time to switch lakes, I decided Steiger is usually reliable for bass. I started hitting my usual spots with no bites.
As the water warmed up a bit, I started getting a few bites but no hook ups, a lot of the time they would drop the bait before i could set the hook.
I saw some huge carp in the shallows and decided to try to get one. I had corn along and tried to sight fish for them. I had a few look, but they were really spooky and would disappear at the slightest movement.
I tried dragging the corn along the bottom, hoping to luck into one but the bluegills kept stealing my corn.
Finally my line moved sideways and I set into a good fish! I was expecting a drag singing hard run by a big ol carp, instead I was greeted to a rather lethargic fight of a about 2 pound largemouth bass.
I used him to get some underwater photos, then I fished a bit more, saw a few nice carp and got another bass, and that was it. I guess the bass were on a corny pattern today!

Perfect calm morning

bassy looking cover there, but no payoff

Kids were having fun, only one small fish, one more than I got!

Launching on a new lake

This guy had this bass buried in the grass, I was able to scoop it up for him

corn stealer!

Bass gets caught and released


Basspastor said...

That last shot of the bass open mouth is pretty cool.

BWS said...

Reports great as usual and really loving those pic's that you are taking...

Michael Thompson said...

Thanks guys! I hope it inspires you guys to take more pics too! ;-)

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)