Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving morning bassin'

I got lots to be thankful for today, I got to do a bit of fishing before heading up to my dad's house for dinner, plus i got to meet a new fishing friend, Warren, who posted on CKOutdoors looking for someone who wanted to hit the water for a few hours.
We walked to where I got some big bass last weekend, and started fishing with plastics. we got a couple of small ones, but no thanksgiving "footballs". I switched to a copper superBow spinner and hit some brown bass of mediocre size, then I hooked into a good one! It fought really good and I thought it would be a huge bass, but started getting suspicious when it stayed down and never jumped, finally got it in and it was a Northern Pike.
We worked our way up and I got a few more small bass. i had to go around 11:30, Warren decided to fish a bit more and was rewarded with some bigger bass when the sun came out for a while.

Pike time

spinner nabs the pike

Rocky the rockbass

Warren with some fishies

some "future footballs"

No monsters but they fought pretty good in the fast waters of the mighty mississippi

Four swans a flyin'

whatchya got?


BWS said...

Nice way to spend turkey day morning and meeting a new friend as well...great job MT and Warren...

Michael Thompson said...

Thanks BWS! it was a great time, I hope we will have more!