Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday afternoon smallmouths 11-16

I got out to the Mississippi river for a late fall bassin day, was suposed to meet BP Dave Maas, but he couldn't make it so I hit the water by myself. I found a nice looking spot near some trees in the water and started jigging a berkley minnow on a 1 / 16th ounce jig. I got one on the first cast!, then I hooked into a huge one probably over 4 pounds. "fishface" Jim Bonin showed up just in time to take a pic for me.
Then he when flyfishing and started getting some smaller bass on surface flies. I kept flinging different plastic minnows and probably caught a dozen bass, three of them huge, the rest were "fun sized" it was around 30 degrees and windy, but I stayed plenty warm with my arctic Armor parka even though my waders did leak some!

huge Smallmouth!

lip em!

Another whale!

they wern't all lunkers!

big brown bass

another one bites the bait
another big Mule!
plastic minnow peeps through a bass jaw
Back to fight again!

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matt said...

Very nice fish there MT, I am sooo jealous. I have fished that exact tree many times and scored some nice smallies as well... haven't made the trek up there since spring though..