Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday fishin' off the dock

It was pretty cold and windy saturday so we decided to just do some fishing off the docks and leave the boat in the garage. Fishing was kind of slow, we got a few decent crappies and sunfish for some eating. I used a small jig spiked with a waxworm on 2 lb line to finesse the light biters.
Jack did better with a jig with a ratso plastic tail.

When I got there I saw this on the dock, some people can't wait to ice fish, haha! they actually were getting fish too!

chunky bass looking for a snack gets lipped

well hooked slab for the frying pan

really small but cool looking blue crappie

close up
Jack caught some good fish "ice fishing" through a hole in the dock


asm2008 said...

Nice Blog. I always wanted to do fishing. I want to know how it feels like catching a big fish.

Michael Thompson said...

hi asm2008
give it a try sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm 14 years old and I have a question. But before I get to that I was fishing at my neighbors pond by the way I live in northern ky so I was fighing and I snaged alittle fish it didn't look like a blue Gil
or a sun fish it had spikes like a blue gil but it was diferent do you know what it is?