Sunday, November 30, 2008

Early early ice slabs

Me and Jack went up north around 3 hours after seeing some reports of good ice and some nice looking fish pics too.
We got up around 9 AM and the CKoutdoors guys were allready out there rearin on some.
we found around 4 inches of good ice, so we headed on out.
I started off fast rearing into a 2 pound slab, only it turned out to be about a 14 inch walleye.
then I got a rockbass. Jack already had a few slabs on the ice. I finally get a speck of around 8 inches.
And so it goes, jack way out fished me again. he always does out on this spot, but I caught plenty and got to keep some nice burbot too. Thanks again for giving me those beautys! Next time I will bring a tipup and a bucket of fatheads so I can get some of those hard fighting lunkers!
Well, it was a great time, a preview of the good times coming in two weeks, and all winter, looks like it will be a long one, might as well have fun!

slab time

Jack finds a new buddy

Walleye for two

another speck

nice one

Ooooh there is an ugly thing, and that fish is kind of ugly too!

Jack showing off

a couple of 5 pounders!

golden crappie

ice that slab

Winter is here, good thing we have crappies to warm our cold hearts!

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