Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Como lake kids ice fishing clinic pics

We got out on Como lake and cut lots of holes in shallower near the pavillion, but no fish were marked in any of them. I was thinking they O2 levels were down, so I moved out deeper closer to the areators were, but not too close, the ice was still 2 feet thick. I dropped a jig down and soon had a big hungery school of crappies willing to play. we got to drilling about 50 new holes in the area for the kids clinic. That scatterd the fish quite a bit and made the bite pretty tough when the kids got there.
I rigged up a palm rod with a 2 mm jig with larva and that was enough to tempt a few finicky panfish and perch to bite!

We tried quite a few tricks to tease those skittish fish to bite, here they try double teaming, using the scratcher and tapping the rod to impart the right movement in the bait .
the best thing seemed to be a slow lift with a light shake or vibration...

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