Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Panfish frenzy 3-13

I got out for a day of panfish chasing with lawrence, who I met at the NAIFC tournament in febuary.
we hit a couple of spots he has done good in earlier in the winter, and had some action from mostly smaller fish with a few decent ones mixed in.
Then we hit the inside edge of the big community hole, and found very slow action with only a few small sunfish. We decided to hit some new spots that haven't been fished all winter. the first was a bust, drilling 20 holes and not even seeing a fish on the flasher.
We moved in towards another shore about a hundered yards and tried again. we had fish right away with me losing a large bluegill near the hole.
Lawrence had some holes cut a bit shallower and really started nailing the crappies, so I moved that way and joined him for non stop action for 2 hours or so. They were almost right under the ice and quite aggressive. We got our fish on little atom jumbo wedgees, but they were hitting so hard I could have cast a 8th oz roadrunner down the hole and caught them. I was hoping for more bluegills mixed in though, so we stuck with the smaller baits, and got some good gills mixed in with the slabs.
Lowell came out and some of lawrence's friends too. the fishing slowed a bit but we still were getting em good. Another feeding frenzy toward the end of the day and we had to leave the bite to get off the lake befrore dark!

lawrence, he was a fishing machine!

Lowell with a nice slab

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