Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 2 tullibee and perch action

Day 2 of my up north "icevacation" had up trying a few lakes rumored to hold massive panfish. the first one we tried deep and shallow and all depths in between, we found mediocre perch from 5 down to 40 ft. Then the chase continued to a different lake. We found some abandoned holes in 20 ft and soon we were on agressive biting fish! Only they were all tulibees, which no one seemed to want to catch. we fished em for a while then headed to catfoot souix, where we heard a panfish bite was going. We fished quite a while in many different spots and got lots of perch,some nice sized onmes mixed in. but no pan fish.
I wandered out to where quite a crowd was gathered, but they were not getting too much, a few medium sunfish, and no slabs, so I headed back with our group and was content icing some more perch. Then something came in around ten ft down and annialated my jig and nuggie. It fought good and near the end, flashes of silver down there had me thinking 2 pound plus slab, but it ended up being a large tulibee.

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